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The Importance of Routine Chimney Inspections

The Importance of Routine Chimney Inspections champion chimneys

Your chimney is a vital part of your heating system and is responsible for maintaining the health and safety of your home.

Your chimney is one of the most important parts of your home. It is a vital part of your heating system and is responsible for maintaining the health and safety of your home and family (chimneys carry away the dangerous fumes you don’t want to leak into your home). Chimneys can also be a source of danger if they’re not maintained. A large percentage of house fires result from dirty (chimney cleaning is an essential part of a chimney inspection), damaged, or otherwise dangerous chimneys. This is the biggest, but not the only, reason that routine chimney inspections and timely chimney repair are so necessary. Let’s explore some reasons for the importance of a chimney inspection.

Checking For Damage

One of the primary things that a chimney inspection looks for is signs of damage to the flue, the masonry, and the other parts of the chimney. The flue is the ceramic tube that goes from the firebox to the top of the chimney. Damage to the flue can cause the chimney to catch fire and lead to the whole house catching fire. The masonry is the stonework around the flue. Water can cause damage to the masonry, and the eventual deterioration of the masonry can cause the whole chimney to come down. 

Checking For Animals

Damage to the parts of the chimney is one of many things that an inspection looks for. Animals love to build homes in chimneys, especially birds and squirrels. A bird nest or a squirrel nest could cause the smoke and fumes that should be going up and out through your chimney to get trapped and backfill back down into the home. Cleaning these obstructions out of chimneys is part of the chimney inspection and cleaning process.

Satisfying Insurance

If you ever have a fire or other event that your homeowner’s insurance should cover, they may tell you that it isn’t covered if you still need to do the yearly inspections that the policy requires. Having these inspections completed routinely both keeps you safe by preventing dangerous situations and keeps you covered by your insurance if they do arrive.

Preparing To Buy Or Sell

Finally, if you’re preparing to sell your home, your buyers will want to know when the last inspection is and to see proof. They may even want to see an inspection report. If you have yet to have an inspection done lately, make plans to have it done before you list the house.

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