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Why Is My Chimney Leaning?

Why Is My Chimney Leaning? champion chimneys

A leaning chimney requires immediate repair, as it is a sign of severe structural problems.

Fall and winter are the two seasons when many homeowners are thinking about the safety and functionality of their chimneys. A leaning chimney is one of the many common problems that can be detected with the naked eye or during a chimney inspection. This requires immediate chimney repair, as leaning over is a symptom of severe structural problems. What are some of the reasons why a chimney might lean?

Do You Have a Leaning Chimney?

Before we dive into what causes a leaning chimney, it’s essential to know the signs that you have one, because they are not always as obvious as it dramatically slants to the side. Some of the indicators include:

  • A visibly tilting chimney
  • Consistent leak problems when it rains or wet spots appear on the walls next to the chimney.
  • The bricks or mortar are crumbling or decaying
  • The chimney has pulled from the wall or flashing

While chimney repair is possible in some cases, a chimney inspection can determine whether or not an outright replacement might be necessary to fix your leaning chimney. 

What Are the Causes of a Leaning Chimney?

During your chimney inspection, our team can troubleshoot the exact reason why your chimney is leaning. Some of the most common causes of a leaning chimney include:

  • Masonry Problems: Over time, the mortar and bricks of your chimney will degrade. Proper chimney repair can lead to leaning or tilting as the years pass.
  • Poor Construction: Unfortunately, some home builders and homeowners choose to go with inexperienced or inexpensive contractors. This often leads to bad results. If your chimney was built by an amateur or with very poor-quality mortar or brick, it might be leaning as a result.
  • Weak or Missing Footing: Chimney footing is standard today, and it helps to prevent chimneys from sinking into the ground and tilting away from the home. Even if you have chimney footing, if it is weak or damaged, you will need chimney repair to prevent the chimney from leaning.
  • Drainage Problems: What does the grading look like around your house? If you have drainage issues and water is prone to settling around your home’s foundation, there is a high chance that you will experience both foundation issues and a leaning chimney.

Schedule Your Fall Chimney Cleaning from Champion Chimneys, Inc.

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