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Do’s and Don’ts of Firewood Storage

Do's and Don'ts of Firewood Storage champion chimneys

Proper firewood storage is essential to ensure a clean-burning fire.

There is no denying that firewood needs to be appropriately stored for safety reasons. Stacking and storing your firewood will become important as you live in the home throughout the years. When you improperly store your firewood, you’ll likely end up with infestations, mold growth, and other potential issues. Ultimately, there are certain storage practices to partake in to keep your humble abode as safe as possible. Here are some of the most essential do’s and don’ts for effective and efficient firewood storage.

Do Use Firewood Racks

Firewood racks are usually a wonderful way to store your firewood properly. They are the best thing you can use to ensure that your firewood is stored properly and avoid issues over time. Firewood racks typically work to keep all your firewood off the ground and keep it as safe as possible. You’ll always want to ensure that your firewood is far from any excess moisture and pests so that you avoid mold and other issues down the line.

Do Keep Your Firewood Dry

As mentioned, firewood needs to stay dry to ensure there are no infestations or mold growth in the home. There are simple and easy ways to effectively and efficiently keep your firewood dry. Making sure that your firewood is dry will reduce the potential for molding or rotting. Ultimately, protecting the wood against rain becomes key. 

Don’t Store Firewood In The Home

There is no denying that insects and rodents tend to be attracted to wood — especially wood that is deep in moisture. Storing any kind of firewood inside the home is only going to attract pets and rodents inside your home quickly. Keeping firewood at least five feet away from the structure itself typically is the best way to protect your home from rodents and other pests. 

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