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How to Prepare Your Chimney for Winter

How to Prepare Your Chimney for Winter champion chimneys

Your chimney is something you shouldn’t forget about before winter, especially if you want to enjoy a nice warm fireplace.

As colder temperatures begin to set in, you’re likely thinking the same thing we’re thinking: winter is coming so soon. That also means getting your list of maintenance tasks done before the cold sets in and making it too difficult. 

Your chimney is something you shouldn’t forget about before the season, especially if you want to enjoy a nice warm fireplace during the winter months. Let’s prepare your chimney for winter with these maintenance tasks you shouldn’t avoid performing.

Get an Inspection

The most important task at the top of your list is scheduling a chimney inspection. During an inspection, a licensed technician will look at your chimney system’s internal and external components. If they see signs of leaks, damages, or creosote building up, this can be the best time to intervene and fix any issues before the rough winter season ahead of us.

Chimney inspection isn’t just a matter of damage prevention, though. It’s also a safety issue. If there’s a dangerous amount of debris caught in your chimney and it lights on fire, it could end up causing a fire on your roof, leading to a whole house fire. Getting a chimney inspection done helps us avoid problems like that from ever materializing. 

Waterproof Your Chimney

During your inspection, the technician may find signs of leaks or water damage. As we mentioned, be proactive here and you will be able to prevent further damage. Ask your technician about tuckpointing, a process where a chimney is repaired with brick and mortar to replace any damaged pieces. Once that’s done, a waterproof sealant can be applied to help ensure that your chimney remains waterproof all throughout the winter.

Repair Damages

If and when damage is found during your chimney inspection, you should repair it immediately. If you don’t, you risk the damage getting worse and repairs costing more in the long run. If there are any areas with missing pieces, a technician should be able to replace them with a customized solution. Missing caps are also often the culprits of problems as they let debris and pests make their way into your warm chimney. If your cap is missing, your technician will guide you through replacing it.

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