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How to Keep Animals Out of Your Chimney

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Chimney champion chimneys

It is very common to find animals in chimneys, either nesting or stuck inside the structure.

Your chimney is an important part of your home’s safety to vent out toxic smoke byproducts of a fire. Because it has an opening to the outside, it, unfortunately, invites a variety of animals to seek shelter inside your chimney. It is very common to find animals in chimneys, either nesting or stuck inside the structure. Not only do they bring in fleas and other pests, but they can cause a blockage in your chimney that will prohibit toxic smoke from venting out of the chimney. Here are some tips to keep animals out of your chimney.

Animals Commonly Found in Chimneys

Raccoons are the most common critter found inside chimneys. They are skilled in climbing up and down chimneys, and they like to build their nests inside the enclosed structure. You will most likely be able to hear the raccoons moving around inside the chimney. Rats, birds, and squirrels also like to hide in chimneys. Unlike raccoons, these animals are not as adept in climbing and will often get stuck and can not get themselves out of the chimney. You should never attempt to smoke animals out of your chimney! If you start a fire to scare away the animals, it may result in the death of the animals, leading to more problems.

Have Your Chimney Inspected

Regardless of the state of your chimney, you should have it inspected at least once a year. A chimney inspection will give you information of the condition of your chimney. If you frequently used your fireplace in the winter, it is essential to check the creosote buildup and the chimney’s interior.  Your chimney professional will also be able to see if any animals are setting up a shelter anywhere in or on the chimney.

Invest in a Chimney Cap

A chimney cap is by far the most effective method of protecting your chimney from an animal invasion. A metal chimney cap with a wire mesh cover that is small enough to keep bats and other small animals out but large enough to allow the smoke byproducts to escape freely is ideal for protecting your home. While you can install a chimney cap on your own, hiring a chimney professional to ensure that the cap is installed properly is highly recommended.

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