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How to Tell When Your Chimney Crown Needs Replacing


How to Tell When Your Chimney Crown Needs Replacing champion chimneys

The chimney crown is an important part of the chimney, so if you’re worried it might be damaged, look for these clues and call a chimney professional as soon as possible.

Spring is finally here, so now is a good time to take care of some much-needed and highly important chimney maintenance. Generally, you should be do chimney maintenance at least once a year, including having a chimney inspection. Typically, during a chimney inspection, the chimney sweep will look for anything that is starting to get damaged while also cleaning out the accumulated soot and creosote that could cause a chimney fire if it wasn’t taken care of. If your inspection does show damage, you should invest in chimney repair as soon as possible (and the off-season is a good time) to avoid the problem escalating. The chimney crown is one of the most common areas that need repair, especially if you’ve put off this important maintenance for a few years or more. The chimney crown is an important part of the chimney, so if you’re worried it might be damaged, look for these clues, and call out a chimney professional as soon as possible.

What Is A Chimney Crown?

The crown is the slab at the top of the masonry chimney. It is usually tapered or slanted and it should extend over the outer side of the chimney by at least two inches. The point of the crown is to keep water from running down the masonry, since water is one of the biggest sources of damage. 

Visible Damage On The Outside

There are several types of external damage that you might notice that indicate the crown is having problems. First, a crack in the chimney crown might be visible from the ground or from a window. If so, don’t wait. If you can see the crack, water is probably already getting in and damaging your masonry. Even if you can’t see any damage from the ground, if you are noting water damage, loosening mortar, or efflorescence (white stains from mineral crystallization) on your chimney, thats a sign that the crown could be compromised. Finally, the bricks are spalling (chipping off) the source of this really problematic damage might originate in a damaged crown. 

Evidence Of Damage On The Inside

If you’re noticing tiles or any other materials flaking or falling or and falling inside of your chimney, you likely have an issue with damage to the crown. Likewise, pooling water inside your fireplace is a sign of a huge issue, and damage to the crown is likely the source or at least a contributing factor. 

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