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4 Chimney Repairs to Do in the Off Season

4 Chimney Repairs to Do in the Off Season

The off-season is a great time for chimney repairs and general maintenance, as these updates are easier to perform when the system is not in use.

Warmer weather is coming, and most homeowners won’t use their fireplaces and chimneys in the spring and summer. So, why should you have to worry about the condition of your chimney now? If not, you might be stuck with problems that make using your fireplace and chimney impossible during the winter. Even worse, you might not be aware of these problems, making your chimney incredibly unsafe to use.

The off-season is a great time for chimney repairs and general maintenance, as these updates are easier to perform when the system is not in use. Repairing your chimney could also help protect your home from water leaks throughout the year, preventing thousands of dollars in water damage repair and mold restoration. Here are some repairs to make for your chimney during the off-season.


The masonry of a brick and mortar chimney can wear down over time. While this might make a home seem more rustic, those masonry cracks are hazardous. Tuckpointing is the systematic repair of your chimney’s masonry. This method seals the joints between masonry components by applying new mortar where necessary. These gaps and cracks can lead to a chimney fire if left unattended.

Waterproofing the Flashing

The chimney flashing is the angled corner where the chimney meets the top of your roof. Sealing off this edge can be challenging, and the flashing can wear away over time. This allows rain or snow to seep into your home, potentially damaging your roof, chimney, and the structure of your home and leading to mold and mildew development. Repairing the leaky chimney flashing is a job for an experienced chimney sweep.

Replace Chimney Damper

The damper inside the chimney sits near the fireplace and allows you to open it as ventilation when lighting a fire or shut it to save energy on your heating bills. Your damper should remain shut for the summer season. If you have trouble closing or opening the damper, it may be sealed shut due to rust or debris. A technician might have to replace the damper, but having control over your fireplace and chimney is worth it.

Repair Any Damaged Components

All elements begin to show wear and tear eventually. Repairing your broken chimney components, such as a cracked and deteriorated crown or a damper that won’t fully open or shut, can prevent further damage and save you money. Additionally, any broken or damaged chimney component can be a safety hazard.

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