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Preparing for a Chimney Sweep Appointment

Preparing for a Chimney Sweep Appointment champion chimneys

When a chimney sweep is visiting your home for a chimney cleaning or inspection, be sure to properly set your expectations.

When a chimney sweep is visiting your home for a chimney cleaning or chimney inspection appointment, it’s a good idea to properly set your expectations. While they will do their best to keep the area they are working in tidy, there is some preparation that you should do to ensure they can easily access everything they need to. Here are some of the easiest ways to prepare for your appointment.

Don’t Use the Chimney Immediately Beforehand

To safely perform a chimney cleaning or an inspection, the chimney sweep can only enter or touch the chimney if it is cool. Never use the chimney or fireplace for 24 to 48 hours before your inspection to give it plenty of time to cool down. If the fireplace or chimney is too hot to start, your appointment must be rescheduled for the inspector’s safety.

Clean the Surrounding Area

Before your chimney sweep arrives, you should also take things off your mantle and remove anything that might be blocking the entrance to the fireplace. Your chimney sweep will take every precaution possible to avoid any damage, but leaving expensive items or valuables sitting on the mantle may expose them to debris or ash during your chimney cleaning.

Clean the Firebox

You don’t have to clean out the firebox before your chimney cleaning or chimney inspection, but it’s a good way to save time for the inspector and make sure that any potential problem areas are as easy to see as possible. Remove any ash or logs from the firebox to give them a clean place to start work.

Make Room for Equipment

Throughout your chimney cleaning or inspection, your chimney sweep will use various specialized equipment to examine the inside and outside of the chimney and remove dangerous and flammable creosote. To provide them with plenty of space to work, it’s a good idea to get rid of anything on the floor directly in front of your fireplace. The sooner your chimney sweep can get to work, the sooner you can enjoy your fireplace again.

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