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How to Properly Light a Fire in Your Fireplace

How to Properly Light a Fire in Your Fireplace champion chimneys

Having a fireplace is great — but knowing how to use it and light it safely is key.

With winter upon us, lighting up the fireplace and getting cozy indoors becomes a key component of wintertime habits for everyone. Knowing how to handle your fireplace properly is important with temperatures dropping. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll want to know how to properly light it so that you stay safe. Having a fireplace is great — but knowing how to use it and light it safely is key. Here are a few tips to ensure you light your fireplace correctly each time.

Properly Cleaning Your Fireplace

A properly lit fireplace begins with a thorough cleaning beforehand. The first thing you should do before lighting your fireplace is always to ensure that it is clean overall. Also, sweeping any loose ashes throughout the fireplace is essential. You need to have a grate and spark screen in place to help protect you once you ignite the fireplace.

Finding All The Necessary Materials

When gathering materials, you’ll want to ensure that you have everything on hand to light your fireplace. Dry, seasoned wood is great for properly lighting your fireplace. Dry wood tends to catch fire a lot faster, providing a lot less buildup than fresh wood. You can also use newspaper and fire-starter kits to keep the fire going and keep your family safe while using the fireplace during the winter. 

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