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Which Cap Is Best for My Chimney?

Which Cap Is Best for My Chimney? champion chimneys

A chimney cap might seem like a minor part of your chimney, but it is critical for keeping moisture and wildlife out.

A chimney cap might seem like a minor part of your chimney, but it is critical to keep moisture and wildlife out and ensure the security of your chimney. By installing a chimney cap and investing in an annual chimney inspection and regular chimney repairs, you can dramatically extend the lifespan of your fireplace and chimney. What type of cap is best for your chimney?


The Right Material

There are a variety of materials to choose from when selecting your chimney cap. Some of the most common materials used are stainless steel, copper, and galvanized steel. Depending on your needs and your budget, we can assist you in finding the right material for you. Copper and stainless steel caps are two of your best options if you want something that will last from chimney inspection to chimney inspection.

The Style of Your Chimney

Another factor that affects what chimney cap is right for you is what style of chimney you currently have. For example, if you have a single-flue chimney made of brick or stone, you could use a rectangular, round, oval, or square chimney cap. However, if you have a chimney that has a flexible liner and is made of stone or brick, you will need a chimney cap that can slip on. During your chimney inspection, we can help you find the best option for your situation. 

Conditions Around Your Home

Finally, when choosing a chimney cap, you should consider the conditions around your house. For example, are high winds common? If so, you should choose a chimney cap that is stronger and designed for heavy-duty performance. If you don’t, a lightweight cap might fly off. Certain metals may also last longer in the moisture conditions around your house.

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