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Why is My Chimney Blocked?

Why is My Chimney Blocked? champion chimneys

When a chimney flue is blocked, your chimney won’t work properly — leading to hazardous results.

A chimney is an important part of any home — especially during the winter when homeowners use the fireplace a lot more frequently. Chimneys typically can get blocked during the colder months — but the blockages occur for various reasons. When a chimney flue is blocked, your chimney won’t work properly — leading to hazardous results. Knowing the biggest causes associated with a blocked chimney can help prevent blockages — or even allow you to tackle the issue head-on if your chimney gets blocked. Here are a few causes of a blocked chimney, how to avoid it, and what to do if your chimney gets blocked.

How Chimneys Get Blocked Or Obstructed

There are four causes of a blocked chimney: any tree debris, small dead animals, nesting materials of small animals, and excess soot and creosote. Anything that can easily narrow the chimney flue will likely cause a significant blockage in your chimney. If your fireplace drafts poorly, that might mean your fireplace is inefficient. Getting your chimney unblocked is the best way to ensure your home is safe from any potential damage.

Understanding Just How Things Can Get Into Your Chimney

Unfortunately, many materials might get into your chimney — and you might not even be aware. A custom chimney cap can prevent materials from getting into your chimney over time. Ultimately, your chimney can quickly end up getting blocked due to various materials, including excess soot or creosote — which can easily gain entry to your chimney due to condensed smoke in the chimney flue itself. 

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