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3 Reasons to Install a Chimney Cap

3 Reasons to Install a Chimney Cap champion chimneys

You don’t see a cap on every chimney because many homeowners don’t realize the hassle they could save by installing a chimney cap.

Some homeowners wonder if a chimney cap is really necessary. It isn’t hard to find a chimney without one. You might wonder why so many chimneys don’t have one if they are so important.

You don’t see a cap on every chimney because many homeowners don’t realize the money and hassle they could save by installing a chimney cap. All chimneys should have a cap. Chimney caps prevent two of the most common problems homeowners with a fireplace or stove have to deal with: water damage and animal infestations. Keep reading for more reasons to cap your chimney.

Prevents Water Damage

Unwanted moisture causes damage, such as cracked masonry, damaged mortar, and mold growth. This can be hazardous to your health and result in costly repairs. A chimney cap prevents water and other elements from entering the chimney by directing them away from the masonry and onto the roof. It is not normal for rainwater to enter your fireplace through the chimney, but it does happen. 

The worst enemy of a brick chimney is water. When a chimney is continually exposed to the weather, cracks emerge in the brick and concrete, and rainfall causes the chimney to expand and compress. If rain enters the chimney, the components may rapidly deteriorate. Over time, this stress could lead to structural breaches, exposing the chimney to water and moisture damage.

Keeps Critters Out

Squirrels, raccoons, chimney swifts, and other critters may decide to call your chimney home and build a nest that blocks the opening of your chimney. Squirrels are known to build a four feet deep nest in as little as 24 hours!

If animal nests clog your flue, you are susceptible to drafting problems and chimney fires. If smoke and toxic gases cannot exit your home from the chimney due to a blockage, you may experience smoke, soot damage, or even carbon monoxide poisoning. Installing a chimney cap will eliminate the possibility of something falling or crawling into your chimney.

Keeps Cold Air Out

The purpose of a fireplace is to keep the house warm and comfortable. However, when cold air enters your house through the chimney, it decreases the temperature, increases your energy bills, and makes your home uncomfortable. A chimney cap prevents cold air from entering your chimney. It creates a physical barrier between your chimney and the chilly air outside—a cap functions to deflect chilly winds that might otherwise enter your house. Installing chimney doors is a new way to insulate your house against cold.

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