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Why Should You Get Your Chimney Capped?

Why Should You Get Your Chimney Capped? champion chimneys

A chimney cap is a worthwhile investment even if you don’t use your chimney.

If you have a chimney, the chimney cap is important for keeping it safe. A chimney cap is an addition, usually made of metal or clay, installed on the top of the chimney. It protects the chimney, especially the flue, from moisture. Moisture and animal damage are the leading causes of chimney issues. By installing a chimney cap (along with doing your yearly chimney inspection and chimney cleaning), you protect your chimney, and your whole home and family for that matter, from the dangerous potential for water damage or a chimney fire. A chimney cap is a worthwhile investment even if you don’t use your chimney. Let’s investigate the reasons why.


Restrict Moisture

Moisture creeping into the chimney during wet weather is one of the major sources of damage for the masonry. The chimney isn’t really designed to withstand water damage from the inside, so if rain or snow is able to fall in, it can be a big problem. A chimney cap will help to prevent this. 


Prevent Animal Intrusion

Another major benefit of a chimney cap is that it keeps animals from being able to move into your chimney and build nests in there. This is even more important if you aren’t using your chimney, since it would be even more enticing to animals. When animals build nests in chimneys that are occasionally used, those nests become a fire hazard (especially if you aren’t having your annual chimney sweep appointment and inspection done). The chimney cap also protects animals. Animals can get trapped in chimneys even when they aren’t trying to build a nest and get hurt or even killed. 


Control Sparks

The chimney cap can help to control any sparks or embers that ride the smoke and heat going up out of the chimney. If you’re worried about those embers possibly falling onto your roof and causing a fire, installing a chimney cap should give you great peace of mind. 


Limit Drafts

Chimneys are designed to channel the smoke up and away from the fire that is warming your home. However, sometimes chimneys without caps actually allow cold drafts into the home instead, decreasing the effectiveness of your fire and increasing your heating costs. Having your chimney capped will help limit these cold drafts. 


Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning from Champion Chimneys, Inc.

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