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Tips for Increasing Fireplace Efficiency

Tips for Increasing Fireplace Efficiency champion chimneys

Without proper chimney maintenance and sweeping, it can be unsafe to start a fire in your fireplace.

In front of the fireplace is one of the best places to relax at the end of a long day or on a chilly winter night. However, without proper chimney maintenance and chimney sweeping, it can be unsafe to start a fire in your fireplace. How can you increase fireplace efficiency and improve the safety of your chimney? Read on to learn more!

Choose Good Wood

All wood is not equal when it comes to burning in the fireplace. Softwood might be inexpensive, but it will burn much faster and leave behind more highly-flammable creosote residue. For a more efficient burn, choose hardwoods. Additionally, when considering your fireplace efficiency, you should always choose wood that has been properly seasoned or allowed to dry for at least one year. If you burn wood that is still wet, it will not burn easily, can lead to smoke coming back into your home, and may cause decreased fireplace efficiency.

Schedule Chimney Maintenance

Some homeowners with fireplace efficiency problems are surprised to learn that they actually have a chimney maintenance problem. Make sure you schedule your chimney inspection every year with an experienced company like us. We can inspect the chimney, sweep, and complete any repairs that need to be made to ensure your family’s safety. If you have any specific questions about efficiency, we can also answer them during your inspection.

Add a Fireplace Insert

If you are unsatisfied with the level of heat that your fireplace puts out, there are a couple of different options that you can use to troubleshoot it. For example, you can open up the bottom damper to help pull some warm air back into the room. Additionally, you can install a fireplace insert. These use heat exchanger technology to help move warm air from the fire into your house instead of simply up the chimney.

Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning from Champion Chimneys, Inc.

When you need a trusted company for your chimney inspection and chimney cleaning, you can trust our team. Champion Chimneys, Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured chimney service company that has served customers in Baltimore County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, since 2001. Our team is trained and certified by Certified Chimney Professionals, Inc. (CCP, Inc.). We specialize in all aspects of your chimney system. Whether you need chimney and flue cleaning service or a full chimney rebuild or inspection, contact us at 443-Chimney today and let us fix all your chimney problems. Also, follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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