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Preparing for a Chimney Sweep Appointment

Preparing for a Chimney Sweep Appointment champion chimneys

Hiring a professional chimney sweep service keeps your fireplace running efficiently and your family safe.

If you know your chimney needs cleaning, you may have already made an appointment for a professional chimney sweep. While that’s a great first step, you can do a few other things before they arrive. Hiring a professional chimney sweep service keeps your fireplace running efficiently and your family safe. However, cleaning can sometimes be a messy process. By preparing for your chimney sweep, you can make the process easier and faster for them. Here are a few things you can do to make your chimney cleaning process smoother.

Don’t Use Your Fireplace

Your fireplace needs to be completely cool for a chimney sweep to properly clean it. While it might feel like it is cooled down a few hours after you’ve put a fire out, only the lower part of the fireplace is actually cool. The chimney itself can hold heat for as long as 48 hours. You must ensure you don’t use it for at least a couple of days before your chimney sweep is scheduled to come. Otherwise, it may be too warm for them to work.

Clean out the Fireplace

Remove any logs in your fireplace, along with any piles of ashes that are on the floor. The sweep will handle removing the leftover ashes. You should also remove the log holder, the grate, and anything else that could block access or break while the chimney professional is working.

Clear Off the Mantle

In addition to removing decorative items, fireplace tools, and anything else around the fireplace, you should clear off the items on your mantle. This is especially true if any of those items are fragile or valuable. While the chimney sweep will do their best not to disturb your items, the cleaning process can cause vibrations that could knock them over.

Protect Nearby Furniture

While your chimney sweep will try to be as careful as possible, there is still a chance that ash may come out of the chimney or firebox. If you have furniture or decorations on the floor, move them to another room or safe area. If the furniture is large or immovable, drape a protective sheet or plastic covering on it. It is also essential to consider any items hanging on the wall, like photos, curtains or other decor.

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