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Preparing Your Fireplace for Summer

Preparing Your Fireplace for Summer champion chimneys

While calling and scheduling your chimney sweep is important, it is just one part of the maintenance you should be doing to prepare your fireplace for a summer of disuse.

Welcome to summer! We passed the unofficial first day of summer last week and kids are getting ready to get out of school soon. The odds are good that the state of your fireplace is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. In fact, if you’re thinking about fires, you’re probably thinking about the late night, s’mores while you’re camping variety. You’re not focusing mental energy on chimney cleaning or thinking about your chimney inspection. However, if you didn’t take care of these things during your spring cleaning, now is a great time to do it. While calling and scheduling your chimney sweep is important, it is just one part of the maintenance you should be doing to prepare your fireplace for a summer of disuse. Read on to learn more. 

Schedule That Sweep

The yearly chimney sweep and inspection is vital to keeping your chimney and fireplace safe. Part of the process involves removing the built-up creosote from the walls of the flue and chimney liner. While creosote buildup is a natural by-product of burning fire, it is dangerous and the leading cause of chimney fires. During the chimney sweep, your technician will also look for signs of wear and tear or damage. 

Handle Repairs

The summer is the best time to tackle any repairs you already know about or that come up during that inspection. You’re not using the fireplace this time of year, so having it “down” while the repairs are being done won’t negatively impact your life. The whole goal of this process is to make sure that when the cold weather returns, you are ready to use your fireplace right away, without any issues – getting these repairs taken care of early ensures that. 

Clean the Fireplace

Finally, don’t forget about cleaning out the debris from the firebox itself. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you must remove the remains of the fires, including the ash. It is best to scoop up the ashes (after they’ve completely cooled) and dispose of them in a sealed container. Many people assume that vacuuming is a better method, but depending on your vacuum, that may just spread the tiny particles of ash throughout your home. Next, clean the firebox with a mild soap and don’t forget to also clean the glass doors or the screen that you keep in front of the fireplace. If you have a gas fireplace, cleaning is a little bit easier and mostly focuses on the physical burners. Make sure that you turn out the pilot light during the offseason so that you don’t waste the gas when there’s no chance of using it. 


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