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Why Chimney Liners Are Essential

Why Chimney Liners Are Essential champion chimneys

The chimney liner is an absolutely essential part of your chimney. Let’s explore why.

With winter firmly behind us, you may think that you don’t have to worry about your chimney for a few months but don’t be so quick to remove chimney maintenance from your to-do list. If you neglected to have your annual chimney cleaning and inspection in the fall, you should do it now. Spring is a great time for chimney maintenance. The chimney inspection is vital to maintaining a safe chimney. Without it, dangerous conditions can result, and small issues can go unnoticed until they become huge problems (and the off-season is a good time to do those repairs). One of the things that your chimney inspection will check out is the chimney liner. The chimney liner is an absolutely essential part of the chimney. Let’s explore why.

Limits Condensation

The elements that damage the chimney’s mortar faster are heat and moisture, and the chimney liner helps with both of those. The chimney liner helps to regulate the temperature of the chimney. By keeping it from getting too hot (so you don’t waste heat and people don’t hurt themselves if they touch the outside of the chimney wall), the chimney liner limits the condensation that can build up. If there is excess condensation, the moisture can cause the mortar to deteriorate. 

Protects The Mortar

The liner also protects the moisture from the damaging effects of heat when it regulates the temperature. Constant temperature fluctuations aren’t good for any structure, and a solid, strong chimney liner helps to limit those. Yearly chimney inspections can identify issues with the liner that could allow these fluctuations to damage the mortar and will also remove the build-up of dangerous creosote.

Prevents Leaks

Finally, a good chimney liner can prevent leaks. You might assume that the liner will protect the chimney from letting water leak inside it (it does help with that, along with the chimney crown), but it also prevents fumes and smoke from leaking out. When you have a fire going, you don’t want any of the fumes of smoke inside your home. You want your chimney to funnel those away and leave you with the heat. A solid, intact liner will make sure that your home and family stay safe while you’re enjoying your chimney.

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