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Tips for Childproofing Your Fireplace

Tips for Childproofing Your Fireplace champion chimneys

Beyond regular chimney cleaning, what are some of the best tips for creating a childproof fireplace?

Fireplaces are a great idea when you want to make your home a comfortable, welcoming place. However, there are special considerations that you need to make when you have pets or young children who might not understand fireplace safety. Beyond regular chimney cleaning, what are some of the best tips for creating a childproof fireplace? 

Make It Harder to Access the Fireplace

The harder it is to access the fireplace, the easier it will be to maintain a childproof fireplace and follow fireplace safety standards. If you have a living room that is closed off via a door, simply keeping the door closed could be a solution. Additionally, you could use baby gates to restrict access to the room where your fireplace is located. If you have an open floor plan, using a fireplace screen might be your best option to restrict access. 

Don’t Forget the Hearth

The part of your fireplace that sits in front of the fireplace box is referred to as the hearth. When you don’t guard the hearth properly, it can lead to serious injuries from sharp corners or the various equipment that you keep around it. One way to help improve fireplace safety is using tubing guards to make sharp corners rounder. You can also always use a baby gate as a quick solution.  

How Does a Child Think?

When childproofing any part of your home, it’s best to think how a child would. Instead of just looking at things that are at your eye level, get on your hands and knees and think about what hazards are present when you’re crawling. Because fireplace safety is so critical, spending a little bit of extra time doing this can make a big difference in your results. Look for rough edges or places that might pinch. Try rattling or tugging on the fireplace doors and other things around the fireplace to ensure nothing falls. 

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