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Why Should You Line Your Chimney

why you should line your chimney champion chimneys

Chimney liners are hidden inside the chimney, but their role is critical in keeping your home safe

Chimney liners are hidden inside the chimney, but their role is critical in keeping your home safe. Plus, chimney liners are often required as a part of building codes. A poorly maintained flue or chimney is one of the most common causes of house fires. Despite being a critical part of the safe operation of your fireplace, many homeowners aren’t even aware of the necessity of chimney liners. Today, we will break down what a chimney liner is and why they are necessary to protect your home.

What is a Chimney Liner?

The chimney liner covers the inside of the chimney flue to protect the chimney from combustion products. It allows for the materials to be expelled through the top of the chimney without any obstructions. Chimney liners protect the inside of the chimney from deterioration that can allow sparks, fumes, and combustibles into the surrounding structure.

Types of Chimney Liners

There are three main types of chimney liners: clay tile, cast-in-place, and metal flue liners. The kind of liner you need for your chimney will depend on the age of your home and the last time you had the liner repaired or replaced.

Clay Tile Liners: Clay is the most common material used in chimney liners due to its affordability and performance. A clay chimney liner will last up to 50 years. Because the tiles are vulnerable to cracking when exposed to rapid heating, they must be properly maintained and inspected before use. Once the tile cracks, it creates a vulnerable area that could lead to a house fire.

Cast-in-place Liners: When a flue has been partially damaged but not enough to warrant replacing the entire unit, a cast-in-place liner may work well instead. These liners are made with a concrete-like material and then poured in the chimney and allowed to harden. Pouring the material in creates an excellent liner with no cracks or leaks. The solid lining offers insulation and even improves the structural integrity of your chimney.

Metal Flue Liners: Metal offers high resistance to corrosion from the byproducts of combustion, protecting your home and reducing the risk of damage and likelihood of needing your chimney repaired. One of the most significant benefits of metal flue liners is that they can be made for essentially any chimney.

Protect your home from accidental fires by making sure you have a properly working chimney, and that is lined with the correct material. Reach out to us today to schedule a chimney inspection!

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