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3 Ways That Negligence Hurts Your Chimney

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There are many ways that chimney negligence hurts your chimney, but here are the top three

Today we’ll be sharing three ways that negligence hurts your chimney. There is a reason why we stress that each year, homeowners should have their chimneys professionally inspected and swept. The worst-case scenario is a chimney fire happening, and we can’t imagine that any homeowner would want to go through that. Read on as we talk more about chimney negligence. 

1. Too Much Creosote = A Fire

Creosote occurs when smoke, gases, tar fog, and other combustion by-products exit the colder, upper walls of your chimney in the condensation process. Creosote can vary in color and appearance, and stick to the walls of chimneys as black or brown substances that can be hard, sticky, drippy, crusty, and flaked. So, what’s so dangerous about this naturally-occurring residue? It can combust when there’s too much of it, and the internal flue reaches a very high temperature. If this happens to your chimney, then have no fear. Champion Chimneys is here to remove creosote buildup and keep your home safe. 

2. A Leaky Chimney Leads to Water Damage

What’s dangerous about water damage or penetration is that it can lead to mold. It can also lead to expensive mortar repairs, which you can entirely avoid. When mortar joints erode, the effect is quite devastating. They hold together the bricks of your chimney. If you notice that your home has a moldy smell, we suggest that you check your fireplace to see if that’s the source of the foul scent. If so, call us ASAP. Also, check for loose bricks. 

3. A Cracked Flue Liner May Lead to Carbon Monoxide Entering the Home

A cracked, damaged, or non-existent flue liner gases such as carbon monoxide can become present due to combustion having an open in your home. Chimneys need liners, as we have expressed many times. Chimney fires, like carbon monoxide poisoning, can cause death. If your liner is subpar or non-existent, we can replace it or install a new one. 

Fireplaces are beneficial to the home for several reasons. Aesthetically speaking, they make a home more beautiful. They serve as an entertainment hub for family and friend bonding. Most importantly, they keep your home nice and toasty during the colder months. Because fireplaces do all this, it makes a difference when you don’t neglect your chimney. 

 Don’t Be in Despair If Your Chimney Needs Repair

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