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Hiring a Chimney Sweep: How to Know When It’s Time

hiring a chimney sweep

We suggest hiring a chimney sweep once a year regardless of how often you use your fireplace.

We suggest hiring a chimney sweep once a year regardless of how often you use your fireplace. When you hire us, we can ensure that your chimney has proper clearances, is structurally sound, and free from creosote buildup. Do you recognize the signs that you need to hire a chimney sweep? Here a few of the top indicators. 

Do Your Fires Burn Out Quickly?

The sole purpose of a fireplace is to keep a home warm. If you notice that fires won’t start or they don’t burn for long, then this could definitely be a red flag that something isn’t quite right. When there is a problem with the chimney shaft, it prevents proper airflow from happening. Last week, we discussed how drafting issues are problematic. However, they are more than avoidable when you schedule a yearly inspection. 

Do You Smell An Unpleasant Odor?

The smell of burning shouldn’t be foul. Many people find this smell pleasant and comforting, especially if they went camping in their formative years. If you notice an unpleasant odor, it should cause some alarm. What this means is that the chimney’s updraft system may not be functioning as it should. Sometimes when this happens, it could also alert you that other odorless and harmful gases are inside your house. 

Do You See Soot or Creosote?

Grease or creosote buildup is harmful. It takes months for this kind of accumulation to happen, which is why hiring a chimney sweep can eliminate the buildup. When creosote begins to burn, it can lead to a chimney fire. Also, creosote has chemicals in it that are harmful to your respiratory system. We can clean out your chimney to ensure your safety. Your safety is what genuinely matters to us. 

Do You Hear Animals Inside of Your Chimney?

If you hear any fluttering or scurrying noises, then this could mean that an animal is trying to find a home inside of your chimney. Birds often try to nest inside of a chimney and bring materials into the chimney that could cause a fire. 

Hiring a chimney sweep will help your chimney, you, your family, and your home in so many ways? If you want to inquire about the services we offer, then give us a call. 

Invest in Chimney Upkeep and Hire a Chimney Sweep! 

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