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The Dangers of Drafting Issues

creosote buildup drafting issues

Creosote buildup can cause drafting issues in chimneys

In January, we discussed drafting issues. We named some reasons why a fireplace could be drafty, and today we’d like to discuss drafting issues in detail. Explaining how chimneys should function and its different parts can get quite technical. Therefore, today we’d like to provide a comprehensive guide that we believe most homeowners can understand. Read on to learn more. 

What IS Fireplace Drafting? 

“Drafting” refers to how efficiently a fireplace can displace gas and smoke up a chimney and then out into the atmosphere. If drafting issues exist, it can cause harmful gases and smoke to combust and back up your chimney. As a result, these toxic chemicals can seep into your home. However, when drafting issues are not present, harmful gases and smoke will exit properly through the chimney flue won’t enter your home. Many factors can lead to lead to draft problems, but we are chimney experts dedicated to making sure your chimney doesn’t force you to live in unsafe conditions. Draft issues are quite easy to fix. 

In a Nutshell, How Does A Chimney Work?

In a nutshell, chimneys work under the criteria that hot air can rise. Chimneys are also known for what we call the “stack effect.” Warm air, in combination with the combustion of gases from the fire, rises to the top of the chimney. Then, any vacant area left behind needs cooler air to assist the hot air into rising up through the chimney flue and outside of the home. When this process works correctly, combustion products exit the house and never find their way inside of the home. Draft problems start to happen when negative air pressure prevents hot air from exiting the home. A backdraft refers to the process of air that is supposed to exit the house, entering the home. Because harmful chemicals and soot entering the home is quite dangerous, you should call us right away if this ever happens. Safety comes first here at Champion Chimneys. 

The Many Causes of Drafting Issues

  • A blocked chimney flue
  • Incorrect firebox size
  • Plugged or closed dampers
  • Dirty chimney caps
  • Improperly installed or ill-fitting chimney caps
  • Creosote buildup
  • Animals making your chimney their home

Don’t Be in Despair If Your Chimney Needs Repair

Champion Chimneys, Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured chimney service company that has been serving customers in Baltimore County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County, Maryland since 2001. Our team is trained and certified by Certified Chimney Professionals, Inc. (CCP, Inc.). Courteous service is our trademark, and our crews arrive on time in uniform, driving fully equipped trucks. We specialize in all aspects of your chimney system. Whether you need chimney and flue cleaning service or a full chimney rebuild or inspection, contact us at  443-Chimney today and let us fix all your chimney problems. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

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