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Chimney Caps Keep Animals Away: Here’s How

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Animals such as birds, raccoons, and squirrels see chimneys as a large, hollow tree made for nesting which is why chimney caps are helpful

Chimney caps are the best and first line of defense against animals trying to enter your chimney. Animals such as birds, raccoons, and squirrels see chimneys as a large, hollow tree made for nesting. If your chimney is open, an animal can easily climb down your chimney flue and decide to make this area their nesting hub to prepare for birth. Today we’re going to go into more detail about chimney caps and how they can keep animals out of your chimney, and more importantly, out of your home.

The Definition of a Chimney Cap 

Typical materials that comprise a chimney cap are stainless steel, copper, or galvanized steel. Stainless steel is the most durable material and highly recommended. A chimney cap is a covering that sits at the top of your chimney and prevents hazards and damages. Some of these hazards include exposure to inclement weather and animals deciding to make your chimney their new home.

What Chimney Style Best Combats Animal Invasions? 

The chimney cap should have a mesh screening on its sides if you want to keep any animals away. The holes in the mesh are typically small enough to keep animals out, and, rarely, chimney caps don’t come with mesh screening. 

How Can Animals Harm a Chimney?  

When an animal becomes trapped inside of a chimney, this can cause confusion and a state of panic. What often happens is that animals will try to escape from the bottom versus the top of a chimney. Not only can this potentially cause damage to your damper, but damage can happen to the floor, furniture, curtains, and other household items if they successfully get inside your home. What’s even more dangerous is that animals can prevent fire hazards because nests can block the chimney flue and trap gases and smoke inside of your home. 

Other Benefits of Chimney Caps

  • Prevents water damage
  • Stops sparks from flying out of your chimney
  • Prevents chimney fires

If you’re interested in learning more about the importance of chimney caps, then check out our website or give us a call. 

Chimneys Caps Prevent Animals From Taking Naps…Inside of Your Chimney

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