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Two Types of Chimney Fires Exist

chimney fires

Chimney fires are avoidable with a proper chimney inspection

All chimney fires are not the same. Professional categorize chimney fires into two classes of fires, based on their core differences. The difference between the two is the way that the fire burns. Today we’ll go into detail about the two types of chimney fires that exist.

A Rapidly Burning Chimney Fire

A rapidly burning chimney fire is apparent. You can characterize it if you hear a loud rushing or rumbling sound. Sometimes it can sound like a nearby freight train. Chimney fires are usually caused by creosote buildup in the flue system, which is then ignited by sparks from the flames below. 


A rapid increase in temperature caused by combustion in the chimney flue has damaging effects. It can cause cracks in the flue tiles and even go as far as to cause them to crumble. This specific type of chimney fire leaves behind glazed creosote all over the flue system. Creosote buildup is dangerous because it causes chimney fires, reduces the airflow of your chimney, and is horrible for your health overall. It can cause irritated skin, eyes, and respiratory problems. Studies also show that creosote is also carcinogenic. 

A Slowly Burning Chimney Fire

When the heat from the flames in your firebox makes their way up through the damper system into the chimney flue system, a slowly burning chimney fire occurs. Fireboxes are supposed to contain such heat, but these fires burn slowly due to lack of oxygen. Depending on a chimney’s condition, thermal shock can occur. Thermal shock refers to an extreme change in temperature in the flue system. Thermal shock can cause damage to the flue tiles as well by cracking or crumbling them. Flue tiles are not made to contain certain levels of heat. 

How to Prevent Chimney Fires

The most effective way to prevent a chimney fire is by calling us. We can clean and inspect your chimney so that we can keep you and your family safe. Your safety is our business! We advise that a chimney inspection happens at least once a year so that we can detect small problems before they call into larger ones. Chimney repairs can be expensive, but they are avoidable. 

Don’t Be in Despair If Your Chimney Needs Repair

Champion Chimneys, Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded and insured chimney service company that has been serving customers in Baltimore County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County, Maryland since 2001. Our team is trained and certified by Certified Chimney Professionals, Inc. (CCP, Inc.). Courteous service is our trademark, and our crews arrive on time in uniform, driving fully equipped trucks. We specialize in all aspects of your chimney system. Whether you need chimney and flue cleaning service or a full chimney rebuild or inspection, contact us at  443-Chimney today and let us fix all your chimney problems. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

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