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3 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Love Chimney Liners

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Chimney liners need to function well if you want your fireplace to be in the best shape

Chimney liners need to function well if you want your fireplace to be in the best shape. Chimney liners’ makeup consists of heat-and-fire resistant materials such as clay or stainless steel that fit inside of your chimney to contain smoke, gas, and other materials that could make their way inside of your home. Here are three reasons why you should learn to love chimney liners.

Chimney Liners Combat Unwanted Heat Transfer

One purpose of a chimney liner is to separate your chimney from the combustible materials inside of your home. It contains heat in a way that makes it safe for it to exit safely without causing damage to your home. If a chimney liner erodes and you continue to use your fireplace, then this is dangerous. There is an excellent chance that the heat from the defective liner will transfer to the materials surrounding it.

Unlined chimneys are dangerous because heat builds up in them so quickly. Within a few hours, a chimney fire could spread. If your chimney liner is defective, then you should indeed give us a call.

Without Chimney Liners Masonry Can Corrode

The primary purpose of a chimney is to help smoke from your fireplace escape outdoors. However, over time as this smoke rises, it can impact the chimney’s structural integrity. Smoke contains many volatile chemicals, including creosote, that can cause the masonry to corrode. If your chimney liner isn’t at its best, these chemicals could cause the masonry to break down quicker than it normally would.

A Flue with the Right Size Promotes Safe Fires

The right flue size is critical. Why? It helps with the proper escape of combustion gas. A flue that is too small means that smoke cannot escape properly. As a result, this could lead to smoke billowing throughout your home. Chimney liners dictate the size of your flue. Merely switching out the fireplace insert itself, or not keeping the chimney liner clean can cause there to be an undersized flue in the chimney liner. Anytime you change a fireplace insert, the same should happen to a chimney liner. These two typically go hand in hand. 

Is your chimney liner not in its best shape? Call us so that we can ensure that your chimney is in its best shape. 

Life Will Be Much Finer With A Chimney Liner

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