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Tips for Taking Care of Chimney Water Damage

water damage tips Champion Chimneys

Water damage is undesirable but avoidable with these tips

Today we’ll be sharing some tips. The chimney on your home is continuously being attacked by time, use, and weather from all sides. Proper maintenance can play a considerable role in protecting your chimney from damage and making sure it works correctly to keep your home and family safe. When most people think of chimney damage, they picture a chimney fire, but the truth is that the most common culprit is water damage. Why? Because water can damage a chimney incredibly fast once it gets in. If you suspect water damage to your chimney, have a professional come check it out and perform any necessary chimney repairs, before you need a whole new one.

Signs of Water Damage

Be aware of the signs of water getting into your chimney, so that you can have a professional make repairs as early as possible. If you hear the sound of dripping water in your chimney, there is undoubtedly water getting in and causing damage. If you see signs of water, specifically streaks of wetness or white in the chimney, or if you see the damage, like cracks on the outside of the chimney, there is a water issue. Finally, if you smell a bad odor in your chimney, this is likely caused by water mixing with creosote in the chimney, and you need a professional to come out and inspect the damage it has already created.

Flashing Issues

Some water damage comes from issues with the flashing. We define “flashing” as the sheet metal around the base of the chimney at the roof. This metal sheet may be visible from the outside of your house, as the flashing pulls away or as the shingles buckle. It is also noticeable inside – if you see a drip near the front of the chimney or stains on the ceiling, the flashing is probably the issue. 

Preventing Water Damage

You can’t necessarily prevent all water damage, but you can certainly avoid some. Having an appropriate, correctly installed, and undamaged chimney cap is a big way to prevent most water damage. You can also seal the brickwork against the water with something like Chimneysaver. Finally, schedule routine inspections and maintenance so that you can fix issues before they become too severe

Don’t Be in Despair If Your Chimney Needs Repair

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