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How to Handle An Animal Being Stuck in Your Chimney

Animal stuck in a chimney Champion Chimneys

Would you know what to do if this cute critter or another animal were stuck inside of your chimney?

Animals are cute, but no one wants an animal stuck inside of their chimney! The effects are damaging to both animals and homeowners. In the past, we’ve discussed the importance of chimney caps. They help to get animals and other things out of your chimney. What should you do if a bird, squirrel, or raccoon finds its way inside your chimney? Today we’re going to not only answer that question but also go over what you shouldn’t do. 

What You Should Do

First, stay calm. An animal inside of your chimney is a problem that undeniably has a solution. That fact alone, we hope, will calm you. Also, animals, well smaller ones at least, often are more afraid of people than we are of them. Second, cover your fireplace. If you have a glass or mesh covering that protects your entire fireplace, this is ideal. If you don’t have this product, buy one, especially if you live in a wooded area. Third, open your damper. If the animal can climb or fly out, then they will undeniably need your damper open. Opening a damper is the quickest way to get an animal safely back outside. Fourth, call us, especially if you can’t get the bird, squirrel, raccoon, or other animals outside of your chimney. Also, we want to ensure that there is no chimney damage

What You Shouldn’t Do

Never, and we mean NEVER try to smoke an animal out of your chimney. Lighting a fire could not only scare the animal but lead to death. Also, while you want to open the damper to get the bird or animals out, you never want to leave it open all day or all night. At any point in time, animals can fall down your chimney as a result of this. 

Finally, do not attempt to remove the animal yourself. This tip may come as a surprise. However, reaching up and grabbing a critter can be dangerous. When you use netting, the netting can wrap around an animal’s limbs, hurting them, or even worse, breaking them. If you want to ensure that animals get out your chimney safely and humanely, then give us a call right away. 

Need Help Getting An Animal Out? Champion Chimneys Can Help Without a Doubt

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