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4 Common Chimney Repairs

man on roof repairing chimney

Here are some of the most common chimney repairs for homeowners.

Having a fireplace is not just about getting cozy next to a warm blaze in winter. You must keep up with maintenance, such as tending to the most common fireplace and chimney repairs. When neglected, the repair cost is far greater than it would otherwise have been. Homeowners are often unaware that chimneys need frequent maintenance. Moisture causes more problems than all other masonry issues combined. Here are some of the most common chimney repairs for homeowners.

Chimney Cap Repairs

Water is your masonry chimney’s biggest enemy, and keeping the water out is necessary to avoid expensive water damage. One of your best weapons against water leaks, chimney caps are a top cover on your chimney to prevent water and animal intrusions. Your chimney cap needs to be correctly fitted to work correctly, and the chimney experts at Champion Chimneys can inspect it to ensure it is properly installed. 

Your chimney damper also seals off your fireplace. If you have an old throat damper directly above the firebox, you may already have problems with it not completely opening or closing due to creosote build-up or rusting. Fortunately, a new type of damper has become very popular: the energy-top damper installed at the top of the flue, allowing this kind of damper to dually serve as a chimney cap.

Leaky Chimney

If you’ve discovered your chimney is leaky, it’s best to call certified chimney sweeps immediately. There are numerous causes of a chimney leak. The first step in addressing the problem is determining the cause. A leaky chimney could be caused by the following:

  • Loose or rusted chimney flashing.
  • A cracked chimney crown.
  • The mortar is flaking and breaking off.
  • A damaged or missing chimney cap.

Damaged Flue Liner

The flue liner is an important safety component of your fireplace system. None of the most common chimney repairs is more critical than repairing or replacing the flue liner. If there is any breach in the chimney liner, the fireplace should not be used until it is fixed. Flue liner repair is impractical because chimneys are usually built with clay tile liners. Repairing clay tiles involves a complete or partial chimney rebuild. So, a replacement stainless steel liner is recommended for a damaged flue liner.

Chimney Masonry Repairs

As strong as brick is, it does not last forever. Considering it’s the key to your chimney’s integrity, the worst-case scenario is a complete chimney collapse. When mortar breaks down, water infiltrates the chimney system. Any brick with water must be replaced before the water freezes and thaws in winter, causing movement of the spongelike interior. Eventually, the bricks will flatten, causing the chimney to lean and possibly collapse.

Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning from Champion Chimneys, Inc.

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