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How to Remove Ash from Your Fireplace

How to Remove Ash from Your Fireplace champion chimneys

Here are some tips for properly disposing of fireplace ash to help you avoid a future fire hazard.

Fireplaces must be cleaned and maintained to function at their best. Ashes can accumulate in your fireplace as a byproduct of burnt wood. However, if you do not carefully remove the wood ashes, they will harm your fireplace.

So, how often should you clean your fireplace? A thorough cleaning is necessary for its functionality and efficiency. Here are some tips for properly disposing of fireplace ash to help you avoid a future fire hazard.

Let the Embers Cool

This is a crucial safety step. Removing hot ashes may cause a new fire to ignite in the disposal container. Instead, spread the embers out to allow a quicker cooling process. Ideally, you should wait between 12 and 24 hours after the last fire.

Remove Ashes with a Shovel

When removing ashes from the firebox, use a metal shovel for safety. Carefully transfer the ashes into a metal bucket to prevent accidental contact with flammable items.

While it may be tempting to overlook proper ash storage, you must be aware of the potential danger of lingering combustion. Even after the fire is seemingly extinguished, ashes emit carbon dioxide. This colorless, odorless gas accumulates in enclosed spaces, presenting a real risk to the air quality in your home.

Use an Ash Vacuum

A specialized ash vacuum includes a heat-resistant, rubber-coated steel thermal hose.

The thermal hose will be useful if your vacuum encounters hot embers. The fireplace vacuum’s metal nozzle cleans the interior of your fireplace.

Ash vacuums include sophisticated filters that capture tiny ash particles and provide fire safety. You should not use a household vacuum because it will spray the ash particles into the air, and the ashes can also pass through the filter and damage the system’s motor.

When Should You Remove Fireplace Ash?

Although you might be tempted to clean the firebox after each fire, leaving a 1-inch coating is preferable. It is easier to start and keep a fire when there is a layer of ash over the hot coals because it increases the fuel’s heat.  You will know it is time to remove the layer of ash when it grows too thick, stinks, or prevents a fire from starting. When an ash pile grows higher than an inch, it must be cleaned.

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