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4 Signs Your Chimney Needs to Be Relined

4 Signs Your Chimney Needs to Be Relined champion chimneys

The lining of your chimney is crucial in safely operating your chimney and fireplace.

A chimney liner is a clay, ceramic, or metal duct installed inside a chimney to contain the combustion materials and then vent them outside your home. The lining of your chimney is crucial in safely operating your chimney and fireplace. If a chimney liner is not functioning properly, it can lead to inefficient heating and venting and dangerous conditions for using the chimney. Here are some signs that could indicate your chimney needs to be relined.

Damaged Chimney Liner

When properly maintained, chimney liners can last for years. However, if your chimney has suffered any damage, it would be best to replace the lining entirely. If there is a crack or any type of damage to the lining, it will expose combustible materials near the chimney to heat. This can result in a serious house fire. Even the tiniest crack in the chimney liner can leave your home vulnerable to a dangerous accident.

Chimney Rust

Rust is the number one enemy of your chimney liner. If you see evidence of rust in or around your chimney, it is a clear sign that it needs to be relined. Rust can ruin your mortar very quickly and must be kept in check to prevent it from worsening. You should look for a damper that is not sealing correctly, which could be due to the rust setting in. Also, cracking fuel tiles is another sign of rust in chimney liners. 

Damaged Mortar

If there is visible damage to the mortar surrounding your chimney, it is clear that it needs to be relined. This happens because the chimney lining is no longer working properly and not venting the smoke. Or, it could be due to cracks that let the moisture settle between the mortar joints, damaging it. If the effects of water and damaged mortar are not remedied quickly, it could cause your chimney to collapse.

Chimney Fire

If you have already experienced a chimney fire, your chimney liner should be replaced as soon as possible. Chimney fires can cause vertical cracks in the mortar, making the chimney unsafe for use. You should get your chimney inspected after a fire to ensure there is no hidden damage.

It’s best to hire a professional technician to reline your chimney as the lining material is extremely sharp, and roof work can be dangerous. Our chimney sweep technicians will take the proper steps to reline your chimney.

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