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How to Avoid Chimney Blockages

How to Avoid Chimney Blockages champion chimneys

Any time your flue is blocked, you must immediately schedule a chimney repair and inspection.

A blocked chimney is not just a nuisance that requires a repairman to come. Instead, it can lead to serious fire hazards and increase your risk of experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning. Any time your flue is blocked, you must immediately schedule a chimney repair and inspection. How can you avoid a chimney blockage in the first place? 

Why Does a Chimney Blockage Occur? 

The best way to avoid the need for a chimney repair or chimney inspection due to a chimney blockage is by avoiding the blockage in the first place. Anything that enters the flue of your chimney is considered a blockage, and it can lead to many negative consequences. One of the most common consequences is more carbon monoxide flowing back into the home instead of out through the chimney. Beyond carbon monoxide, smoke also carries other toxic gases that can harm your health.

The most common reasons for a chimney blockage include organic debris, excessive creosote, animals, and nesting material for animals like birds and squirrels. Removing these from the chimney means you can avoid needing urgent repair and protect your family. 

Understand How Things Enter the Chimney

There are various ways that things can get inside your chimney and lead to a chimney blockage. For example, if you do not have a chimney cap installed, birds and squirrels can enter the chimney through the open top and create a nest. This is particularly common when you are not using your chimney frequently during the spring and summer. Other chimney blockages can be caused due to creosote, which is typically removed during a chimney inspection. 

How Can You Remove Things From Your Chimney?

Many homeowners cannot get things out of their chimneys, so prevention is a good idea. If you have things inside your chimney, a chimney sweep can remove them during a chimney inspection. Additionally, they can install a chimney cap to decrease the likelihood of things happening again in the future. 

Schedule Your Chimney Cleaning from Champion Chimneys, Inc.

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