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Causes of Chimney Rust

Causes of Chimney Rust champion chimneys

Rust can be unsightly on your chimney, but it can also be a sign of deeper issues that can compromise your chimney’s structural integrity.

Rust can be unsightly on your chimney or any other part of your home, but it can also be a sign of deeper issues that can compromise your chimney’s structural integrity. Chimney rust can be detected during your annual chimney inspection, and it can be tied to the presence of a chimney cap. What are some of the causes of chimney rust? 

The Flashing

The chimney flashing helps form a seal between your chimney and the roof to stop moisture and other debris from getting in between the two. While flashing is typically coated to prevent chimney rust, it can still happen due to wear and tear or environmental factors. Your flashing will be inspected for signs of chimney rust during your annual chimney inspection. If they are present, the flashing may need to be replaced. 

The Chimney Cap

On top of your chimney is a chimney cap that keeps out excess moisture, wildlife, and yard debris. Unfortunately, your chimney cap can also be a source of chimney rust. When you have a metal cap, it can be predisposed to rust damage. If you do not catch this problem during a chimney inspection and have the cap replaced, rust will eat through the metal, and water will start to enter the chimney. This can lead to moisture damage that is pricey to repair. 

The Flue Liner

Another place where chimney rust can start to form is the flue liner. Even if you have a clay tile or cement flue liner, not cleaning your chimney often can lead to residue and staining. Additionally, metal components inside the chimney can lead to rust and discoloration. By having your annual chimney inspection and cleaning, you can reduce the risk of a rusty liner.

The Damper

Metal dampers are located near the firebox, so it only makes sense that they are sometimes prone to rust and corrosion. A chimney inspection can easily identify this problem so that you can have repairs performed. 

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