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What are Some Common Chimney Repairs?

What are Some Common Chimney Repairs? champion chimneys

Chimney repairs may seem daunting, but they’re an essential part of maintaining your chimney and aren’t as bad as they seem.

While having a fireplace means plenty of enjoyment and cozy nights around it, you’ll also need to be responsible for your fireplace and its chimney. Chimney repairs may seem daunting, but they’re an essential part of maintaining your chimney and aren’t as bad as they seem. That is, of course, as long as you take care of it promptly and don’t let things get worse, which will only be more complex and cost more.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware that they’re even in need of chimney repairs. Problems like moisture can cause your chimney issues to spiral out of control, but if you know what to look for and work with a contractor specializing in chimney repairs, you can handle any issue.

Removing Creosote

Anyone with wood-burning fireplaces needs to perform chimney cleaning, at least annually, to manage creosote buildup. This black substance is similar to tar and begins to build in your chimney flue each time you use your fireplace. When left unaddressed, creosote can be one of the most common causes of needing chimney repairs. It’s also dangerous since it’s a highly flammable substance, so it can lead to dangerous chimney fires. Blocked chimneys also result in toxic fumes going into your home.

Repairing Any Leaks

Chimney leaks can be devastating, so it’s important that you call a certified chimney sweep the moment you notice such a problem. It’s also difficult because there are multiple causes behind chimney leaks, and an expert will help you better diagnose the issue. For example, your flashing may be loose or rusted, the crown may be cracked, the mortar on your chimney might be flaking off, or your chimney cap may be damaged or missing. Don’t run the risk of letting a leaky chimney get any worse.

A Damaged Flue Liner

Your chimney’s flue liner is responsible for a good deal of the safety of your fireplace. It’s a common enough chimney repair, but it’s also a critical one. Even a small breach in your flue liner can cause major problems so it’s important that you avoid using your fireplace until it’s fixed. Sometimes, repairing a flue liner isn’t possible because the chimney has been built with clay tile liners. To fix that, you may need a complete or partial chimney rebuild. For newer chimneys or if you’re replacing the liner, consider stainless steel liners.

Compromised Masonry

Mortar doesn’t last forever, and in the case of the mortar on your chimneys, it might expire after around 25 years. Don’t worry, though, as replacing mortar is one of the most common and simple chimney repairs around. This prevents mortar from deteriorating to the point where water can enter the chimney system. Bricks that have been exposed to water should also be replaced, as that water can freeze and thaw throughout the winter, which causes cracking and might collapse the chimney itself.

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