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How to Keep Animals Out of Your Chimney

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Chimney champion chimneys

You do not want to discover that animals have taken up residence when you use your chimney on that first cold night of the season.

It is easy to forget that you have a chimney during the summer. After all, you’re not using it, and aside from possibly having routine yearly maintenance and chimney inspections or making time for some much-needed repairs, you don’t have to think about the chimney during the summer. This makes it the perfect time for animals to make their homes in your chimney or to crawl, fly, or fall in and get stuck. This is one of many reasons that seasonal maintenance must include chimney cleaning in preparation for the fall and winter. You do not want to discover that some chimney animals have taken up residence when you use your chimney on that first cold night of the season. Instead, read on for advice on how to keep animals out of your chimney in the first place. 

What Animals Live In Chimneys?

Your chimney is – unfortunately – a nearly perfect home for various animals (once you stop using the fireplace for the season). After all, it is warm, safe, dark, and protected. The five most common animals you’ll find trying to take up residence in your chimney are birds, bats, raccoons, squirrels, and rats. Most people wouldn’t begrudge most of these animals a place to live typically, you do not want them building a home somewhere that could potentially give them access to the interior of your house. 

What Are The Signs That You Have A Chimney Animal?

The easiest way to tell that you have an animal living in your chimney is to listen. Wait until the house is quiet and listen closely to your chimney. If you can hear rustling, scratching, or other animal-type noises near the chimney, they’re likely nesting there. Even if you don’t hear anything, you could still have an animal nest (occupied or not) that could cause issues – this is why yearly sweeping is so important.

What Can You Do To Get Rid Of It?

Trying to get rid of an animal nest yourself can be dangerous. Animals that feel threatened are at their most dangerous. Hire a professional to come in and trap and remove the animals and dispose of their nests.

How Can You Prevent Chimney Guests?

The best way to deal with animal nests in your chimney is to not have to. Have your chimney maintenance and cleaning professional install a cap and keep the animals out from the start!

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