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A Guide to Chimney Dampers

a guide to chimney dampers champion chimneys

Though often overlooked, chimney dampers make a big difference in the functionality of your fireplace

There are many elements of a chimney that most homeowners do not think about. But every part of your chimney is essential for it to function correctly. Today, we’re going to discuss chimney dampers. Making sure your damper is operating properly is critical in keeping your home warm and directing toxic smoke outside. Though often overlooked, chimney dampers make a big difference in the functionality of your fireplace. Let’s go over the basics of chimney dampers.

What is a Chimney Damper?

A chimney damper basically functions as a lid for the chimney when there is no fire lit. The main purpose of a chimney damper is to close off the flow of air in the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. When a fire is lit, you can open the damper to allow proper airflow to feed the fire and keep smoke from filling up your living space. There are many different types of chimney dampers, but they all serve the same purpose. 

When to Open or Close Your Chimney Damper

When a fire is burning in the fireplace, the damper should always be in an open position. It would be best if you only closed it when the system is cool and not in use. This will keep the outside air from entering your home and the inside air from escaping out the chimney. A significant benefit of having chimney dampers is the ability to control and throttle your fires. The handles on chimney dampers have notches that you can use to control the airflow through the flue. Once the fire gets going, you can reduce its position by choosing a position that narrows the opening. However, you should always do this with extreme care, as being near smoke and fumes from the fire can be hazardous.

Why Do You Need a Chimney Damper?

Your chimney would be incomplete without a damper; it would be like having a house with no front door. If the damper is not working properly, cold air from outside can come into your home, along with any critters that enter the chimney. As the warm air goes up the chimney, your home loses heat, thus increasing your heating bills. The dampers that can be used to adjust drafts allow you to adjust the amount of air the fire gets to burn efficiently. A chimney damper in poor condition will do a poor job of keeping the chimney working.

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