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Is Metal a Good Chimney Material?

There are essentially two kinds of chimneys: masonry and metal. When most of us think of chimneys, it’s the former that comes to mind. The media loves to romanticize brick and mortar fireplaces and chimneys, and for good reason. They have undeniable character and charm. Still, metal chimneys are not without their perks. Here some reasons to consider metal as a material for new chimney building.

Is Metal a Good Chimney Material?

Brick and mortar chimneys have undeniable character and charm. But have you considered metal as a chimney material?


Metal chimneys are, generally speaking, cheaper than masonry. If you’re paying for a beautifully constructed, brick and mortar chimney and fireplace, you’re going to need to hire a mason to construct it on-site. Metal chimneys, on the other hand, are factory built. While the obvious benefit here is that they are cheaper, this comes with the flipside of a lack of potential for customization.


One of the potential pitfalls of new chimney building is that, between your chimney and fireplace, there might be an off-set. In other words, they are not directly aligned, so your chimney cannot go straight up. While a masonry chimney has the potential to accommodate a minor off-set, metal is far more flexible and can safely withstand some serious bending.


One significant downside of metal chimneys is that they will not last as long as one made of brick and mortar. They wear out over time. If a masonry chimney is properly cared for, it will last for a lifetime, or even longer. That said, the cleaning of your metal flue has potential to be significantly easier than one made of brick. They also are less susceptible to creosote buildup, which is one of the leading causes of house fires.


Your first instinct might be that metal chimneys aren’t as beautiful as masonry. While this is really just a matter of taste, but some would argue that they can be just as beautiful. A metal chimney definitely has the potential to look out of place on an old farmhouse, but you might be surprised how beautifully they can be incorporated into a wide variety of house designs.

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