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The Dangers of Chimney Drafts

The Dangers of Chimney Drafts champion chimneys

It’s not great if chimney drafts prevent the fire from catching or blowing smoke back into your face.

There’s nothing better when the weather cools down in the fall than lighting a beautiful fire in your fireplace. However, it’s not so great if chimney drafts prevent the fire from catching or blowing smoke back into your face. So, what exactly is a chimney draft, and how can you stop it from happening? 

What does a Chimney Draft Mean? 

Chimney drafts mean that your chimney can’t properly release smoke outside your home. It can cause a few issues in your home like: 

  • Hot air gets sucked back into your chimney, meaning your home never warms up even with a fire going.
  • Your home fills with smoke when trying to light a fire in your fireplace. 
  • Toxic Carbon Monoxide builds up, setting off your detectors and potentially making you and your family feel sick. 

What Causes Chimney Drafts? 

Chimney drafts are almost always caused by a blockage of some kind. However, the nature of the blockage can vary, from soot buildup, birds creating nests in your chimney to forgetting to open your damper or flue. If you notice any signs of a backdraft and it’s the first time you’ve lit a fire for the year, check your damper and adjust it. If that doesn’t help, you should schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning as soon as possible to clear any blockages. 

How To Prevent Drafts

Preventing buildups goes hand-in-hand with regular maintenance best practices. In addition to ensuring your damper is open and able to stay open during a fire, using dry, seasoned wood and having a chimney inspection done at least once a year prevents soot from building up over time. While you’re using your fireplace, make sure you’re able to close all of your air vents to make sure any backdraft smoke doesn’t go through your HVAC system, and keep one or more windows cracked for additional ventilation. 

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